BSc Food Microbiology & Nutrition
International Diploma in advanced personal training
Kettlebell instructor
Circuit & HIIT instructor
Nutritional advisor

Amelia Rolfe (aka Moo)

Personal Trainer

My career started off in my fathers restaurant where i developed an interest for the food industry…….my love of food and a passion for science lead me to a degree at Nottingham university in Food Science and nutrition. I soon realised that fitness and well being was a vital ingredient to healthy living.

I had always been quite self conscious when it comes to training in a gym, especially as i loved to lift weights and not just “hangout on the dreaded treadmill! i longed for a space to be able to push myself without being held back by the fear of being judged or watched.

When my youngest daughter started school i decided to train as a PT in the hope of spreading my love of weight training to the ladies of Bath in a space that was private and relaxed….Moovit was born…….i have LOVED every second and never looked back!

Known for her ‘potty mouth’, Moo also is a wicked baker of healthy bites for Moovers post training!

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